POS+\-NEG : Life is an oxymoron.

“Where did we come from?”

“Where do we go after we die?”

“Why are we here?”

These are the profound questions that we ponder throughout our lifetimes… even until the very end.

Positive +\- Negativity doesn’t answer these questions.

POS+\-NEG reflects the tendercold truth that life is meant to have both Positive & Negative experiences, they ultimately shape every part of who we are. Face life knowing that every single life experience is meant to improve you.

POS+\-NEG is the anomalous streetwear brand that breathes ambition & bleeds boldness. Born from graffiti &Β psychedelic aesthetic influences, merged into a phenomenal, authentic streetwear flavor curated for the brave dreamers, cream chasers, and those uniquely equipped to handle every trial life throws their way.

Positive +\- Negativity : Exclusively auspicious threads.

Takeover Imminent